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I am Reiki Grand Master (level 22), I am also a Master of Archangelic Seichim, Master of Karuna Ki, Master of Kundalini Reiki, Master of the Violet Flame, Master of Negative Entities Clearing Reiki, Master of Etheric Clearing Reiki, Master of Ahara Isis Reiki, Master Of Chakra Key 1 and 2, Master of Etheric Cord Shield, Master of Ethereal Protection – energy protecting from negative ties, Master of energies that cleanse from curses, charms, psychic attacks and protect from psychic attacks, I am also a Master of energies that cleanse and protect the chakras and aura, a Master of energies that cleanse and protect the chakras and aura, a Grand Master of Money Reiki – the energy that heals financial problems and a Master of Abundance Reiki – also Reiki for financial matters. Master of Abundantia Reiki, Master of Tanaka San Reiki, Master of Clear View Reiki, Master of Manifesting Love.


I was looking for different paths in life. Finally, eight years ago I became interested in Energy Therapy and it absorbed me completely… I have completed many Reiki degrees in the meantime. My friends and others did not really believe in the power of prayer and positive energy. It was not until over a year ago that I had a very serious accident. I was in a coma for a month and a half – then my mother, who is also an Energotherapist, sent me healing energies. The doctors gave me almost no chance of survival, but my mother worked with positive, healing energy all the time. After I woke up from the coma I also started to heal myself. After regaining consciousness I was unfortunately completely paralyzed. At the end of June last year I left the hospital. The doctors said that I was their miracle. Now I am functioning normally (which was not so obvious a few months ago). I came back to life. Even the biggest disbelievers couldn’t get out of their heads in awe. After what I went through I became even more convinced that what I do – energetotherapy and transferring positive energy – is a power that works and helps…


So if you would like to try to change something in your life for the better – I will gladly and passionately help you.

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