Complex Energy Healing

Complex Energy Healing

I offer:


1. Reiki, Karuna Ki, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, Archangel’s Seichim, Vortex Laser Reiki, Tanaka San Reiki, Clear View Reiki and other healing

2. Clearing:

  • chakra and aura clearing
  • from less than Love cords
  • from anger, rage, resentment, anxiety and fear
  • from hooks beings and influences
  • from thought forms, psychic vampires, psychic hoover, psychic attack, psychic attachment, geopathic stress, psychic penetration

3. Protection:

  • from negative cords
  • from psychic vampires
  • chakra and aura protection from negative energies
  • from negative emotions

4. Healing money problems
5. Attracting Good
6. Karma Healing
7. Attraction-Healing Love

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Complex Energy

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